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At Buckingham Farms, we take great pride in delivering the freshest quality produce, homemade food, and memorable moments to our friends, family, and the community of Southwest Florida.

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Buckingham Farms is a 80+ acre ranch, hydroponic farm, country store, counter service eatery and event destination serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, and surrounding regions. We specialize in providing the finest fruits and vegetables, farm-produced products, and one-of-a-kind events in an unmatched countryside setting. We’re taking farm-to-the-table food to the next level. Everything at Buckingham Farms is naturally grown by agricultural specialists with years of experience. We get more crops from less space, so we’re able to harvest more with a smaller impact on the planet. We only practice responsible farming and pledge a commitment to our local community and economy.

Vegans, environmentalists, fans of locally grown food from local growers, or anyone craving extra comforting foods made with real ingredients, will discover something fresher and tastier at Buckingham Farms. You’ll come by for our natural goodness; you’ll come back for our fresh approach to wholesome foods, exceptional experiences, and homegrown hospitality all year long.

buckingham farms history

Our History

In the 1950s the land on which the farm now sits was initially used as a Hog farm. Over time the farm evolved into an orange grove known as the Galman ranch. After many years of citrus production, the ranch dissolved, leaving oaks and native trees to take over, transforming it into the beautiful landscape it is today. Then, in 2009, we purchased the land out of bankruptcy and the decision had to be made on what to do with it. Our family got together, deciding what the community needed was a place to purchase what the supermarkets could not provide, fresh quality vegetables. For several years the farm operated as a small produce stand selling what we grew. After a lot of hard work and dedication to grow the best quality and variety of products, we realized the farm could not support itself on vegetables alone. It also came to our attention that our customers were only buying conventional produce, leaving the many great varieties and other unique vegetables to rot on the vine. Even after trying to convince customers that Kale was good for them, many would say ‘We just don’t know how to cook it’. This temporary setback led to our next venture, building a demonstration kitchen adjacent to the market. Now we could cook and educate people on how to prepare all of the vegetables produced on the farm. As things continued to evolve our customers were asking to purchase what we were cooking, turned out people wanted a good quality meal made with local ingredients. This revelation led to our quick service restaurant concept that is the Buckingham Farms Restaurant you can enjoy today, serving breakfast, lunch and Friday night dinners.

buckingham farms history

One day, while sitting under the oaks next to the restaurant soaking up all the beauty around us, conversation turned to the thought of what it would be like to have a beautiful venue to accommodate all types of celebrations nestled in amongst the trees. That conversation turned into reality and in 2013 the Buckingham Farms Rustic Barn hosted its first wedding. The strings of Edison lights hung in the rafters, mixed with our custom deer antler chandelier and flowing white curtains makes the perfect setting for any type of event. The classic country charm and elegant lighting were unparalleled to anything in this area for hosting parties, celebrations, holidays or group gatherings. Currently, the Rustic Barn is the only full-service agrarian wedding venue in the area that provides a beautiful rural SW Florida setting with a Chef prepared custom menu.

Today reaching almost 85 acres including the produce growing areas, the farm is now home to our Dexter cattle herd and over 200 chickens, which provide all of the eggs for our restaurant.

Today, Buckingham Farms is still owned and managed by our family. We are local people committed to providing locally grown, top quality food and service. We invite you out to try one of our hearty breakfast selections, satisfying lunches or Chef-prepared entrées today.

We also thank you for the support you have shown us over the years. Hope to see you on the farm soon!

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