The Health Benefits of Farm Fresh Food 

by TJ Cannamela May 4th, 2022

Did you know during the pandemic, people started shopping more from local farms? Local produce has many benefits, not only health-related! If you want to learn about the benefits of farm fresh food, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn why people want farm-to-table food instead of shopping at large grocers. You'll learn about the wide-spreading benefits of buying local, from the environment to community effects.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

You'll Consume Fresher Food

Most farmers will pick their produce within the last 24 hours before bringing it to the local market. Fresh produce is ripe and has a high nutrient density.

Supermarket produce usually gets picked weeks before arriving at the store. When food gets harvested, the nutrients will actually begin to deteriorate. Vitamins like B, C, E, and A decrease.

Produce traveling across the world will also lose its nutritional value, unfortunately. When you choose to shop from a local farmer, you will enjoy fresh food.

You can chat with the farmer and learn more about when the vegetable or fruit was picked. Ask about what new products will be available next month or next week.

Choosing to pursue farm to table options will provide you and your family with more nutritious meals. Keep learning more about what farm to table means.

Enjoy Eating Seasonal Foods

If you begin eating local produce, you will start to notice the produce patterns for each season.

The cycle of seasonal produce is actually designed to support your health. Think about how people ate before the modern grocery store arrived. People ate simple meals and whatever was in season.

The food would have been filled with nutrition because it was picked and consumed immediately.

Try eating things like berries, fresh fruits, and vegetables in the summer. In the winter, seek out root vegetables, fermented veggies, and high-fat foods to stay warm.

Have Fun Trying New Foods and Dishes

People who go shopping at a farmer’s market might arrive home with new vegetables or fruits. Farmers grow all kinds of different fruits and vegetables.

The grocery store will sell one or two varieties of broccoli or tomatoes. The fun thing about shopping at a farm is trying different heirloom vegetables. You and your family can become more creative in the kitchen.

Restaurant owners love shopping with local farmers because they can get unique produce.

You Will Eat More Mindfully

When you think about where your food came from and how it was grown, you will have a better relationship with it.

Consider going to the farm and visiting the greenhouse. Ask the farmer about how they grow your favorite vegetables or fruits. Understanding the farm to table relationship will make you more appreciative.

Most people will scarf down a microwave meal and not know its origins.

You'll have more appreciation when you connect with your local farmers and learn the process.

You will prepare your meals with more understanding. Teach your children or friends about the process. 

Support Local Businesses

Buying food from local farmers ends up impacting their business. Most farmers have a lot of challenges against them, from weather patterns and pest issues.

Keep your local farmers in business by supporting them. Tell people in your community about the farm. You will help the farmer stay in business and continue to grow their farm.

During the pandemic, people panicked because of grocery shortages. Yet, farmers were able to continue supplying people with fresh and nutritious produce.

Continue to support local businesses. You can help local farmers keep the tradition alive. Most farmers are actually third or fourth-generation farmers. Keep them in business by buying from them and telling others.

Choose the Sustainable Option

Most foods at the grocery store traveled thousands of miles to reach your plate. You can cut down on those miles and lower your environmental impact.

Choosing to buy products from a local farmer is the most sustainable option. You will end up encouraging the diversification of crop variety and local agriculture. You can also lower your reliance on grocery stores.

Consider investing in a CSA from your local farm. Shop at the farmer’s market each week. Restaurants choose to work directly with farmers and choose them as their leading suppliers.

Consumers Want to Know About Their Food

People have become more aware of the agricultural and food systems. They understand the connection between eating healthy food and feeling well. 

Farms can supply restaurants with organic food and impress customers. Restaurants have chosen to partner with local farms. Some customers ask owners where they get the protein or produce.

You can speak to the farmer and find out about the medicines or feed used for the market beef. Most farmers will bring you to where the animals were raised.

You might even get a chance to speak to the farmer who raised the animal. Learn about the chemicals sprayed on vegetables. You could also inquire about genetic modifications.

Most farmers will happily share all about what products they use.

Enjoy Farm Fresh Food Today

We hope this guide on the benefits of farm fresh food was helpful. If you’re a restaurant owner, consider partnering with a local farm so you can buy organic food.

Farm produce is more unique, healthy, and sustainable. Support your local community by investing in farmers in your region. Your customers will also love that you have a farm-to-table connection.

Are you hoping to buy some local produce? You can order online today.

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