Locally Grown and Cooked Food: An Edible Must-Have Experience 

by TJ Cannamela April 27th, 2022

Though farm-to-table is how our ancestors used to live, with the world developing at lightning speed, people have become too busy to cook fresh meals from scratch. This is why the fast-food industry is raking in billions of dollars, costing you your health.

It's time to get back to our roots and let our food be as fresh and as unprocessed as possible. Farm to table can do that and by choosing to eat locally sourced and cooked food, you're helping yourself, the farmers, and the local economy.

Let's talk about the unique culinary experience of locally grown food and why you should visit a farm-to-table restaurant in Florida.

What Is Farm-to-Table Eating?

Farm to table is as old as time but has been gaining a lot of popularity in the culinary world. Imagine shopping for fresh ingredients at a local farmer's market to cook your meals every day. These ingredients come from the hard-working people in your area who are growing fruits and vegetables or have small farms that produce meat, dairy, and eggs.

When this fresh food reaches your plate, this is the farm-to-table concept. It's a healthier, more sustainable way to eat and has plenty of benefits both for yourself and the farmers you're buying from.

In recent years, more and more restaurants are becoming farm to table by cutting out the middleman and buying directly from local manufacturers. 

Are There Benefits to Farm-to-Table Eating?

Food that's grown locally will not spend any time in delivery trucks, freezers, and supermarket shelves. It's always fresh and readily available for you at your local farmer's market. This is one of the many benefits of farm-to-table eating. First, it's environmentally friendly because it doesn't travel halfway across the country to reach you.

Then, it's healthier for you because it's fresh and bursting with flavor. Buying locally supports the local economy and you're helping your community grow. Finally, there's the ethical component of eating farm-to-table: farmers who let their livestock roam free, don't use pesticides on their crops and use organic farming methods.  

Why Is Eating at a Farm-to-Table Restaurant Special?

A farm-to-table restaurant is a restaurant that uses fresh ingredients sourced locally. For example, the eggs they use, the meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and even flour come from a local producer. In some places, you'll discover the farm is very close to the restaurant to guarantee freshness all around.

Better yet, you might even be able to visit the farms and see how everything is made first-hand. You can talk to the farmers, buy some ingredients for yourself to cook at home and have dinner knowing your plate is filled with wonderful food and memories.

So what's so special about eating at a farm-to-table restaurant? First of all, it's an amazing experience knowing your food is as fresh as it gets. It's not frozen or processed in any way so whatever you order, you know it's hand-made right before you eat it.

There's no buying in bulk, no middlemen, no pre-packaged food. Everything you see on the menu is sourced locally and is packed with nutrients and flavor.

How Is a Farm-to-Table Restaurant Different Than a Regular Restaurant?

You've been to hundreds of restaurants before but have you ever wondered how your food got there? Most mainstream restaurants, especially in urban areas, buy their ingredients in bulk for cheaper. This means most everything is frozen for a long time before it reaches your plate.

Some meals are even stored in the fridge for a few days before being served and fruits and vegetables are almost certainly not organic. In a nutshell, the food is not fresh and nourishing. Plus, restaurants line the pockets of mass suppliers, not local small businesses and farmers.

Farm-to-table restaurants have a different purpose to them. Here are 7 more reasons you need to eat at a farm-to-table restaurant and have a dining experience of a lifetime.

What You Should Know Before Visiting a Farm-to-Table Restaurant

If you've never been to a farm-to-table restaurant before, you should know what to expect, which is a plate of fresh vegetables, perfectly cooked meat, and all the flavors you can handle. You should also expect something new on the menu since seasons change and farmers produce different products constantly.

If you want to learn more about the restaurant's farm-to-table process and the ingredients they use, you can always talk to the chef or ask the servers. Usually, they're also locals who know the area well and may even know the farmers personally.

How Can You Be Sure You’re Eating at a True Farm-to-Table Restaurant?

This one's tricky because any restaurant with locally sourced ingredients can call themselves farm to table. But not all such restaurants have the same ethical practices or fresh ingredients.

This is why it's important to do your research on the restaurant's owners, suppliers, local farmers, and food manufacturers. While the meat you're eating might technically come from a local farm, you need to know if it's fresh, how the animals are treated, what they're fed, and how the meat is processed.

The same goes for chicken and eggs, and even vegetables. Yes, your green salad may come from a local farmer but was it sprayed with pesticides and herbicides or was the farmer using organic farming methods to provide the healthiest lettuce for you?

Can You Have Farm-to-Table Meals at Your Wedding?

If you're planning a wedding in Fort Myers, a farm to table catering menu will be a unique and delicious choice. Not only will you help local businesses thrive but also give your guests a meal to remember.  

Depending on the time of year, you'll be able to choose from different seasonal dishes and ingredients and the restaurant will prepare a special menu just for you. The food will be fresh, your guests will be happy, and you'll help the local economy grow. 

Enjoy a Brand New Culinary Experience With Locally Grown and Cooked Food

It's no secret that food is more than just a meal in the day. It's also a way to spend precious time with the people you love and enjoy a great experience together.

If eating fresh, locally grown food is right up your alley, contact us today to make your reservation at the Buckingham Farms restaurant and let us show you what fresh food really tastes like.

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