Ideas for Farm-to-Table Wedding Food in Fort Myers

by TJ Cannamela November 19th, 2021

Are you looking for a beautiful, organic way to celebrate your big day? Have you begun to search for farm-to-table wedding venues?

These days, rustic barns are just as popular as big catering halls for wedding receptions. They offer plenty of space, excellent photo opportunities, and a blank canvas with which to paint your perfect day.

Yet before you begin searching up "wedding catering near me," you've got to think about what you're going to serve your guests. Is there a type of cuisine best suited to a barn wedding?

Here's how you can find the best food Fort Myers can offer a happy couple about to tie the knot.


When it comes to wedding food, fresh and bountiful is key. Of course, your food budget, guest count, and wedding style will play a role. If you have any dietary needs specific to your wedding party or guest list, it's important to let your caterer know.

Weddings are known for having lavish appetizer courses, so you'll want to go a bit more over the top than you would for a different type of gathering. For example, you may wish to pass around crostini with artisan spreads like artichoke or walnut. Or you may want to pass around traditional dishes like mini lobster rolls or arancini.

When it comes to pass-around appetizers in farm-to-table style, you'll want to offer uniquely organic options. For example, maybe your arancini are made with butternut squash, or your meatballs are created from organic turkey. It's important for your guests to feel that they are getting a one-of-a-kind, artisan experience.

Platters of appetizers are also popular for guests. You may, for example, choose traditional antipasto or a charcuterie board with homemade bread, jams, and artisan cheeses. Grilled veggies and salads rich in fresh fruit and nuts are also popular for wedding guests. Homemade dressings can send them over the top.

Plenty of people choose special stations for the cocktail hours at their weddings, and farm-to-table occasions are no exception. Maybe you're going to have a pasta bar with whole-wheat pasta options, or a crepe station featuring locally sourced fruit. 

Some brides and grooms include carving stations, and others get creative with things like mashed potato bars or even classy taco stations. Whatever your style is, make sure it complements the theme and atmosphere of the big day.


Many of your guests will opt for a traditional glass of wine or beer at your wedding. It's important to have these available, but you may want to add a little local color to the day.

For example, there is a winery close to your venue that can provide some unique bottles. Or maybe a local brewery can supply something seasonal.

In addition, your cocktails should complement the natural, home-grown feeling of the day. Consider unique options like an avocado martini, melon sangria, or sage collins. 

Bring a little flavor of a fresh garden into your special day. You can even name the cocktails after the happy couple so others will feel they are a part of something great.

Main Dishes

You'll want to offer a few solid, rustic-flavored options for the main course. Remember that not everyone at your wedding will be comfortable eating meat. Make sure you have a dish like pasta primavera or eggplant parmesan for them to feast on.

A chicken dish like a rustic lemon chicken or chicken with Mediterranean sauce will pair nicely with your big day. Fish like wild salmon or roasted cod also make for a nice option. 

Of course, some guests will arrive at your wedding ready for a serious slice of steak. Make sure you can offer them a nice cut with a rustic flair.

Sides with wedding main dishes range from in-season roasted veggies to seasoned sweet potatoes to spaghetti squash. The idea is to pull in that homegrown feel that will have everyone's mouths watering.


Of course, your wedding cake should be something you're eager to display. Some may have farm flavors brought in like beet velvet or sweet corn confetti. Others may simply look garden-like with plenty of floral decorations.

Trays of homemade desserts besides the cake will also top of guests' experiences quite nicely. Fruit platters, cheese puffs, and curated pastries will help everyone to know they are enjoying a special experience.

Coffees and teas that are made locally and represent seasonal flavors also let everyone know that you've put a lot of thought into the details of your special day.

Tips For Farm To Table Weddings

Farm-to-table weddings incorporate plenty of natural elements. For example, mismatched decorations and antique wooden chairs make everything feel authentic and cozy.

It's important to remember the time of year if your wedding is going to be rustic. So you may want to use plenty of deep, warm tones if you're holding your wedding in the fall or dark jewel tones in the winter. 

Likewise, your wedding centerpieces and favors should be organic-inspired. Wildflowers make a wonderful centerpiece in the warmer months, and greenery garlands are charming in the winter. 

You can also send your guests home with something sustainable. For example, maybe you want to supply some homegrown herbs they can use in their cooking or coffee beans. It's important not to be wasteful if your goal is to provide an authentic farm-to-table experience.

The Best Farm-To-Table Food Fort Myers Can Offer

If you're planning a farm-to-table wedding, your cuisine should complement and nourish your big day. With a little planning and the right caterer, you could be presenting the best wedding food Fort Myers has seen in years.

Don't stop getting smart about your rustic wedding now. For beautiful venues and services in the area, contact us today.

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