Before I Do: Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding in Fort Myers 

by TJ Cannamela March 1st, 2021

There are about 2,132,000 weddings every year. Want to plan a wedding that's bound to stand out from the rest? Don't feel like you're stuck indoors!

Instead of choosing a typical venue for your Fort Myers wedding, consider stepping outside. Imagine saying your "I do's" surrounded by a stunning botanical garden, sandy shore, or in a rustic barn.

Interested in getting married surrounded by nature? Here are the nine tips you need when planning an outdoor wedding.

With these tips, you can skip the stress and plan the wedding for your dreams. Get started with these Fort Myers wedding planning tips today!

1. Time It Right

Fort Myers gets about 107 days of precipitation every year. When planning an outdoor wedding, timing is everything.

Take time to consider when you want to get married. Instead of a scorching hot summer month, consider spring or autumn instead. Make sure to avoid the rainy season.

Give yourself plenty of time to research and contact different venues, too. Leverage their experience and ask for their advice. What month do they think is best for an outdoor wedding?

Take the time to explore each Fort Myers wedding venue. If you're giving yourself a year to plan, visit at the same time the wedding will take place. Is it too hot, too cold, or raining?

Consider hosting your wedding in a stunning, rustic barn. You can protect your guests from the elements while enjoying nature all around you!

Don't go through the planning process alone. Instead, gather friends and family members for support. What Fort Myers venues do they love?

They could help you find the perfect spot for your "I do's."

2. Consider Comfort

As you use these wedding planning tips, keep your guests in mind. You want to make sure they're comfortable during the outdoor ceremony. Otherwise, they'll remember your big day as a sweaty, miserable experience.

Are you planning a wedding under the sun? Consider giving your guests cold beverages and hand fans! You can even give them slippers to wear if your wedding is taking place on the beach.

Did you choose a vineyard or park as your wedding venue? Look for ways to protect your guests from the sun, wind, and rain.

For example, you can give them fold-away umbrellas. If it starts raining, they won't have to worry about getting drenched.

Planning ahead can ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the ceremony.

3. Decor Details

Choosing the perfect Fort Myers wedding venue means you won't have to decorate too much. Instead, you can let Mother Nature shine! There are a few decor choices you can make to enhance the setting, though.

After all, you want to make sure the scene suits your style, theme, and needs.

Work off the venue's existing theme. For example, if you're planning a beach wedding, use stunning seashells as centerpieces. 

Make sure to visit the venue a week before the wedding. Does it look ready for the big day? You might need to have the ground raked and the grass cut beforehand.

If the natural scenery seems lackluster, enhance it with flowers, archways, and lantern lights.

Use your decorations to enhance the natural beauty around you.

4. Plan the Menu

Talk to your caterer. Do they have any experience planning outdoor weddings? They might have a few tricks you can utilize.

Otherwise, take time to plan the menu with care. For example, you don't want to choose anything that's too greasy. For a wedding under the sun, avoid ingredients like mayo.

You can use these tips to plan the perfect wedding dinner.

Alcoholic beverages can dehydrate your guests on an already sunny day. Consider serving lemonade, water, and punch as well. Keep plenty of ice handy to ensure your guests are cool.

5. Get a Permit

Once you find your Fort Myers wedding venue, check with your local government. Do you need a permit to host your wedding? You'll want to obtain the permit as soon as possible.

The process can take a little time.

Ask about any rules and regulations you need to consider, too. For example, some areas won't allow you to light torches and candles. Keep these rules in mind as you plan your wedding. 

6. Don't Bug Out

No one wants to battle it out with insects and mosquitos. Consider using citrus-scented candles or zappers to keep bugs at bay. 

You can also schedule to have the site sprayed by an exterminator before your big day.

7. Power Up

Are you stringing lights up? Do you plan on having a DJ outside? Consider renting generators to power up your big day!

If you're planning a wedding on the beach, your guests might struggle to hear over the wind or waves. Consider hooking the bride, groom, and officiant up with mikes. Your band or DJ could help with the sound system, too. 

8. Rent Bathrooms

If you're staying outside for the entire wedding, make sure to have a bathroom plan. Is there easy access to a building and bathroom nearby? If not, consider renting luxury portable restrooms.

Some of these restrooms come equipped with floral arrangements and granite countertops. 

9. Have an Emergency Plan

One of the most important steps in outdoor wedding planning is to have a backup plan.

What if it rains on your big day? Consider having your ceremony outside and reception indoors. If it rains, you can always move the ceremony inside.

You could have a tent in place for your outdoor wedding, too. However, most tents will only withstand light to moderate storms.

Better yet, what about using a stunning, rustic barn for your wedding? 

Consider wind conditions, too. China silks and bridesmaid dresses can easily get whipped up in the wind. Consider avoiding light fabrics.

Your hair could turn into a frizzy mess, too. 

Tell your hairstylist your wedding will take place outdoors. They can use products to keep every strand in place.

Weather-Ready: 9 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding in Fort Myers

Ready for your big day? Keep these nine tips for planning an outdoor wedding in mind, first. With these tips, your Fort Myers will go off without a hitch.

Plan for a weather-ready wedding with these nine tips today. 

Eager to book your big day? We're here to help! Contact us today for the perfect venue.

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