Everything to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Venue 

by TJ Cannamela

Planning an outdoor wedding, but don't know where to start?

Outdoor weddings are perfect for those who want to celebrate in the great outdoors. You can hold them at a park, on a beach or even at home! These venues offer plenty of space and flexibility for your big day.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing an outdoor wedding venue. You’ll need to consider things like location, size, accessibility, and what type of event you’re hosting before making your final decision.

Keep reading to learn more about outdoor wedding venues and what to consider.

Consider the Benefits

There are many benefits to planning outdoor weddings. From being more original to saving money on a venue, there are so many reasons to choose this type of wedding. Here are some of the best things about outdoor weddings:

It's more original: If you are looking for an alternative to the same old wedding venues, then plan your wedding outdoors. Your guests will love that your wedding was different and unique. You can even compromise with an outdoor feel within a rustic barn.

You can save money: Ultimately, every couple wants to save money on their big day without sacrificing quality. Luckily, planning an outdoor wedding can help you cut costs! When choosing an outdoor venue, you won’t have to decorate as much because the beauty of nature will be your backdrop. You also won’t need a coat check or a coat room if it is chilly outside.

You can all enjoy the weather: Having your big day during perfect wedding weather will make the entire day that much more perfect!

These are some of the things that make outdoor weddings great. And choosing the right venue will add to this feeling. 

Pick the Right Location

The location of your wedding is one of the most important factors in choosing your venue. If you are having a destination wedding, then this won’t be an issue for you. But if you are hosting your event in your hometown, it will be important to consider where the venue is located.

Choosing a central city location may make it difficult for guests from rural areas to attend. The last thing you want is your best friend from back home not being able to find the venue!

This is why it’s important to consider where you will hold your wedding. If you are looking for a unique location, then perhaps the local botanical gardens could work. Just be sure to book it well in advance so that you don’t run into any problems.

Consider the Site Size

Before booking a space, make sure you know how large your wedding will be. If you plan on hosting over 100 guests, then the venue needs to have enough room for everyone!

Also, consider things like outdoor entertainment and seating. It’s a good idea to have an outdoor ceremony and a large tent for cocktails or dancing. The venue should also have places for guests to sit and relax if the weather doesn’t allow them outside.

For example, you can have the ceremony inside, followed by dinner and dancing outside! And if you’re having a smaller wedding, then find a space that will fit your needs.

Accessibility Is Key

Including your wedding guests is very important, which is why it’s necessary that they can access your wedding venue.

If you are hosting somewhere that is far away, then guests may want to stay overnight. Look for properties with these services if it makes sense for you. If not, everyone will have to travel back and forth on the same day!

Your chosen location should also provide accommodations (such as parking) at a reasonable rate. This is especially important if you are having an outdoor wedding that is far away from most hotels.

Look for Additional Services

Many outdoor venues offer different types of services, including catering and photography. But if you’re looking for something more specific or personalized, then make sure the venue can accommodate your needs.

For example, maybe you want to plan an intimate ceremony off-site with only close friends and family. Or maybe you’re hosting an event for several hundred guests and need more than just a venue.

Finding vendors that can offer you additional services will make planning much easier.

Decide on Food and Entertainment

The kind of food and entertainment you want at your wedding will play a role in deciding what venue to choose.

If you are looking for a simple outdoor wedding, then the details aren’t that important since it’s just about getting married! But if you want to have elaborate food presentations or live entertainment, then these factors will be a big consideration.

The venue should have a catering menu that fits your needs and any potential dietary restrictions. And if you would like to have live entertainment, then the space must accommodate this as well.

Check the Weather Forecast

You must know what to expect when it comes to weather for outdoor weddings.

Look online for a reliable weather forecast about 24 hours beforehand. This will help you make all of those “in case of rain, we can move it indoors” arrangements.

You also need to remember that the forecast might not be accurate! If you have a backup plan, you can always do it if need be. But this is one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue.

Look for a Good Location Manager

The location manager is responsible for making your wedding day go smoothly.

So make sure they are reliable, organized, and within the same country where you’ll be getting married! You also want to work with someone familiar with weddings.

For example, you may want to have an outdoor wedding rehearsal the day before. You wouldn’t want someone who has never done this sort of thing before.

Book Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Today

Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for, booking an outdoor wedding venue should be a breeze! Just keep these tips in mind when choosing your space.

And if you're looking to take your outdoor wedding to a rustic barn, contact us to make that happen!

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