Foodie 101: How to Find Fresh Food In Fort Myers

by TJ Cannamela July 5th, 2021

Home to beautiful beaches, tranquil sunsets, and plentiful fresh food to satisfy any palate. The bright array of locally grown fruits and vegetables cheerfully welcomes you. 

This is Fort Myers, Florida. "Welcome to the Gulf Coast."

Continue reading for more information on fresh food in the Fort Myers, Florida area.

Where Does Fresh Food Come From?

"Have you ever wondered where your food comes from?" You likely haven't given it much thought, but you should. Quality produce and homemade cuisine are hard to come by in the era of fast-food restaurants and processed foods.

If you are fortunate enough to visit the Gulf Coast or the Fort Myers area, there is a special place that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. Buckingham farms, located on a sprawling 80+ acre ranch, specializes in producing farm-produced products.  

In addition to fresh local food at your fingertips, Buckingham farms offers a full service restaurant with a variety of different foods. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Buckingham farms pantry offers a fresh food market filled with locally grown produce. 

If you have a special event planned and want the best service along with tasty fresh food, be sure to check out Buckingham farms.  

Locally Grown Goodness

Locally grown food not only tastes better, but it's also better for you. Many people are curious about where their food comes from and what farming practices have been used in the process. 

At Buckingham farms, the knowledge of agricultural specialists is put to good use, using less space to grow more crops. Responsible farming is only practiced. 

There are a few reasons fresh, local food is beneficial for your health.

You are allowed to really connect with your food. You may also become more conscious of what foods you are putting into your body. Additionally, you can take pride in the fact that you are supporting local businesses by shopping locally. 

Environmental Impact

Farm-to-table restaurants are creating a stir in the restaurant industry. The concept behind this movement is advantageous.

In having a direct relationship, farms and restaurants can ensure the highest quality food and ingredients. Consumers can enjoy eating a meal with ingredients freshly harvested merely hours ago.

Buckingham Farms takes pride in its naturally grown produce. Agricultural specialists with extensive knowledge ensure that all farm-produced products are top-notch. 

The Fort Myers area can provide you with a complete farm-to-table experience. Order a delicious meal, pick up your fresh produce, or reserve a place for your destination event. 

Why Farm-To-Table Is So Important

Farm-to-table is the healthiest choice not only benefiting you but your local community.

Supermarkets and grocery stores often source their products from other countries. While this may be cheaper in some areas, the quality of produce lacks more often than not.

Nothing is more disappointing than buying what you thought was fresh food at your local supermarket, only to find within a few days it had gone bad. Keep in mind you don't need to buy a ton of locally sourced foods and products at once to make a difference. Slowly transition.

The farm-to-table approach not only benefits you as the consumer but helps to boost the local economy

The farm-to-table concept helps the environment. When produce doesn't have to be transported long distances, this cuts back on greenhouse gases filtering into the atmosphere. 

Local fresh food is more plentiful thanks to farm-to-table restaurants. Communities have more access to organic foods reaping the benefits. 

Two Convenient Locations

If you are on the hunt for delicious mouth-watering fresh food, look no further than Buckingham Farms.

The LaBelle location offers a fun experience with a combination of brews and fresh food. The same delicious local fresh food combined with local fresh brews. A Loft is available upstairs for intimate gatherings.

The Fort Myers location offers the full farm-to-table experience. From produce, pantry items, and wine Buckingham Farms can be your one-stop shop for fresh, quality goods. 

Buckingham farms is proudly serving the following areas, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel and Captiva islands, Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, and surrounding areas. 

These two convenient locations will be sure to please stop by today for your local fresh food.

Planning a Special Occasion?

Planning the perfect dreamy Florida wedding may seem a bit overwhelming. If you're looking for something different than your traditional Florida beach wedding, look no further. 

Surrounded by acres of oak trees, the rustic barn is a charming outdoor venue located in sunny Fort Myers, FL. Your wedding or special occasion will be an event to remember with the elegant open-air seating. 

Plan the wedding of your dreams in a beautiful venue, with a reception filled with custom entries of fresh local food to make your big day as special as possible. The rustic barn also makes a delightful choice for meetings, family gatherings, or holiday parties.

The rustic barn is currently the only full-service agrarian wedding venue locally in the Fort Myers area. Offering a unique rural SW Florida atmosphere. The venue offers a custom chef-prepared menu, sure to delight you and your guest.   

About Us

Buckingham Farms is a family-owned farm with a mission to provide Fort Myers, FL residents, and visitors with the ultimate farm-to-table experience. 

Buckingham Farms is passionate about providing you and your family wholesome quality meals with the freshest ingredients possible.

If you are in the Fort Myers area, visit us at the farm. Let us know how we can meet your fresh food needs. Click here for more information on Buckingham Farms.

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