7 Health Benefits of Farm-to-Table Meals in Fort Myers, FL

by The Unstack Team June 30th, 2020

Are you looking forward to your dinner tonight or are you going to settle for a microwave meal or takeout once again? 

Studies show that around 75% of Americans eat too few fruits, vegetables, dairy, and healthy oils. This explains the high obesity rates in the USA but a poor diet also has many other severe health consequences.

Type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay, osteoporosis, elevated cholesterol, and some cancers are all linked to bad eating habits. 

Are you ready to do what it takes to safeguard your health? Farm-to-table meals are a delicious and convenient answer. 

1. Farm-to-Table Meals are the Best Fast Food

Locally produced food arrives fresh and full of nutrients. It doesn’t undergo freezing and processing to preserve its shelf life.

There are two reasons why this is important for your health.

Nutritional Value

Firstly, the longer it takes for fresh produce to reach your plate, the fewer nutrients you’ll get to eat. As soon as the farmer harvests fruit and vegetables, they turn to their stored nutrients for sustenance.

An early study by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture revealed that most fresh foods travel around 1,500 miles before they reach the consumer. To compensate for this, farmers harvest most of their produce before it’s totally ripe so that it arrives at its peak.

So, although these products look, smell, and taste great, they’re lacking the full quota of nutrition they would have developed in situ.

Farm-to-table produce rarely makes more than a local trip, so it’s harvested at it’s best and doesn’t have time to ‘eat-up’ all its nutritional value along the way.

Preserving Goodness

In the second place, short distances mean that it’s not necessary to freeze or preserve these foods in any way.

Although these methods are reasonably good for maintaining the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables, they’re usually blanched at some stage during the process.

Blanching and boiling destroy vitamins, especially Vitamin C, so the frozen product starts out at a disadvantage.

Farm-to-table meals made from these ingredients offer superior nutritional value when compared to those made from commercially-sourced goods.

Restaurants that grow their own produce on-site are the best option if you want to get the most out of your meals. That way, there are no plastic containers, bags, or wrapping involved in the process.

2. Fresh Foods are Better For Everyone's Health

These short travel times automatically translate into fewer carbon emissions. Since the ingredients used in farm-to-table recipes travel only a short distance, they're kinder on the environment.

Small local farmers take time to practice hydroponics, natural methods, and sustainable farming methods. By supporting these practices, you're helping to grow this trend. 

By encouraging organic farming practices you're helping reduce the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers favored by large agricultural concerns. 

This means farm-to-table meals indirectly benefit the Earth too, which is good for all of us. 

3. You'll Get a More Varied Diet

Small-scale farmers can afford to experiment with fruits and vegetables with lower public demand.

This means restaurants have a wider diversity of choices when sourcing ingredients for their farm-to-table recipes.

Thanks to this, they get to try out new things all the time. So, when you order farm-to-table eats, trying different food becomes the norm.  

4. You Know What You're Getting

The farm-fresh produce used in farm-to-table eats is as pure as it comes. There are no added preservatives, salt or sugar added. 

Frozen dinners, canned goods, and salty snacks are often chock-full of monosodium glutamate (MSG). GMOs, chicken dipped in chlorine baths, and hormone-packed beef are common topics of debate when it comes to commercially-farmed products.

The only way to ensure you avoid these nasties is to stick with sources of protein from reputable small farmers who value quality over profit. 

Small-scale farmers have the time and patience for hands-on organic practices that benefit both your health and the environment. 

5. You'll Consume Fewer Calories

If you buy fresh produce at a local farmer's market and prepare it at home, you'll benefit too.

Studies show that home-cooked meals usually contain fewer calories than takeout or restaurant meals. Also, you're in control of the fat and sugar content of what you eat when you're cooking it yourself. 

When you're eating high-quality food, you'll feel satisfied faster and eat less. So if you're starting a diet and feel like eating out, a farm-to-table restaurant is the best option.

6. You Get Peace of Mind

You needn't worry about a thing when you support a farm-to-table outlet.

You can rest assured that your food has passed through fewer hands on its way to you. You won't have to think twice about whether you're harming the environment when you tuck in either.

You can also rest assured that your meal put food on the tables of local farmers and their workers too. 

7. Buying Local Benefits Your Community

Supporting your local farmers and shopkeepers has a knock-on effect in your immediate surroundings. When you help grow small businesses, you're ensuring the well-being of everyone around you.

You're making sure your hard-earned cash stays where it can benefit you directly by reducing unemployment, and the crime that goes along with it. 

People working together towards a common goal usually forge stronger bonds. 

Finding a Farm-to-Table Outlet in Fort Myers

Fortunately, you don't have to go far to enjoy the benefits of fresh, locally-grown produce. Buckingham Farms is proud to offer a wide range of fresh produce and meals from our farm stall and farm-to-table restaurant.

We're also proud to have an excellent rustic events venue on-site, perfect for weddings, parties, and family get-togethers. 

Check out our menu of wonderful farm-to-table meals and pop in for a visit at any time. 

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