Local Tastes Better: Farm-to-Table Dining in LaBelle

by TJ Cannamela

When it comes to what we eat, the options for Americans can be overwhelming.

Modern transportation means there are no limits to where food can be delivered. That's why residents in southern Florida can enjoy Alaskan salmon. Or families in Iowa can dig into branzino from the Mediterranean Sea.

But is indulging in food from all corners of the world the healthiest, tastiest, and most sustainable option? Absolutely not. That's why many Americans are turning to farm-to-table dining options.

About six in 10 Americans want their food to be produced sustainably. Farm-to-table restaurants get their ingredients, from spices to meat, from local vendors.

What is a farm-to-table restaurant? What are the benefits of farm-to-table? Is there farm-to-table dining near me?

What Is Farm-to-Table Dining?

Farm-to-table restaurants receive their ingredients directly from a local farm. It means the restaurant does not use wholesale distributors or buy supplies from the supermarket. Instead, the restaurant patronizes local farmers by buying directly from them.

Other common terms for farm-to-table restaurants include:

  • Farm-to-fork
  • Locally-sourced
  • Farm-fresh

Throughout the 1950s, canned and processed foods were the top choice for American eateries. But things shifted during the 1960s and 1970s. People started learning about the advantages of choosing organic and all-natural ingredients.

Between the 1980s and early 2000s, farm-to-fork eateries popped up throughout the country. Many of the first farm-to-table eateries were located on the farms that supplied their ingredients.

Farm-to-fork dining is not limited to restaurants. There are as many as 1,200 school districts across America that partner with community farmers. They serve fresh fruits and veggies to schoolchildren and their staff.

The Benefits of Farm-to-Table Dining

Why should you search for farm-to-table restaurants near me? There are numerous reasons, from flavor to sustainability, to dine at locally-sourced establishments.

Enhanced Flavors

The biggest benefit of dining at a locally-sourced restaurant is the quality of the food. Local ingredients are fresh and flavorful. They don't contain preservatives and have never been frozen. Their freshness allows chefs to create unbelievable dishes.

Healthier Ingredients

Farm-to-table restaurants use wholesome and natural ingredients. The produce is typically organic and free of pesticides. Farm-fresh meat tends to be free-range and grass-fed. The lack of added chemicals, genetic modifications, and preservatives make for a healthier meal.

Better Environmental Impact

Farm-fresh produce is picked and directly turned into a meal, which reduces the need for food packaging. Currently, food packaging makes up 25% of US landfill waste. But farm-to-table reduces the need for packaging compared to buying from grocery stores.

The farm-to-table movement believes restaurants should be near their food sources. This allows chefs and diners to embrace local flavors. But it also lowers the environmental impact of transporting food.

Supplying food across the world leads to high fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions. Food transportation accounts for 26% of greenhouse gas emissions. Locally-sourced produce is lowering this number.

Support for Local Farmers

Best of all, dining at farm-to-table establishments supports local farmers and businesses. Whether it's a farmer, baker, or local businessman, your patronage supports residents from your area.  

Farm-to-Table Options in LaBelle

If you're in LaBelle, Florida, then you have an excellent option for fresh farm-to-table cuisine nearby. LaBelle Brewing Company is proud to supply Florida residents with locally-sourced craft beers and food.

LaBelle Brewing Company

Farm-to-fork dining is not limited to food. Mixologists, distilleries, and breweries are using locally-sourced ingredients to create craft cocktails, spirits, and beers. 

LaBelle Brewing Company is a prime example of creating unique beer from local flavors. The brewers use fresh and seasonal ingredients (like local yeast, hops, and citrus) to concoct a variety of craft beers.

Instead of farm-to-table, LaBelle Brewing Company utilizes a "farm-to-glass" approach. There are over 10 signature beers to choose from, plus plenty of outdoor seating to relax and unwind.

Buckingham Farms Restaurant

Pair your locally-sourced craft beer with a delicious lunch or dinner when you visit Buckingham Farms Restaurant. The eatery is inside LaBelle Brewing Company on Hickpochee Ave in LaBelle, Florida. It is open Tuesday through Saturday.

The restaurant receives its ingredients from Buckingham Farms, a ranch with over 80 acres of land. The hydroponic farm supplies the LaBelle restaurant with fresh fruits, vegetables, and farm-made products.

Once the high-quality ingredients arrive at the LaBelle location, the chefs whip them into delightful dishes. Buckingham Farms Restaurant in LaBelle is open for lunch and dinner, with takeout available. 

Buckingham Farms Farm-to-Table Lunch Options

Lunch options include sandwiches, salads, and flatbreads. They feature beef brisket, smoked ham, and signature Buckingham Farm crab cakes.

There are also a variety of garden-based options with locally-sourced produce.

One of the most popular options is the Garden Harvest. It features fresh cucumber, lettuce, onion, tomato, black olives, red pepper hummus, and garlic balsamic vinaigrette. The ingredients are stuffed in a grilled garlic pita.

There is also the Roasted Beet Salad. It's made from tender roasted Buckingham Farm beets, Florida oranges, and fresh arugula. The salad is finished with an orange-cumin vinaigrette.

Buckingham Farms Locally-Sourced Dinner Options

You can find a variety of sandwiches and salads on the restaurant's dinner menu, which begins at 4:30 pm. The eatery also features shareable small plates. Try splitting the Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp or the Farmer's Quesadilla with your friends or family.

During dinner hours, diners may indulge in any of the chef's freshly prepared entrées. Try the Beef Tenderloin dinner, which features 21-day aged steak. Or dig into the Tropical Island Pan Fish. No matter what you're in the mood for, there are delectable dishes for everyone.

From the Farm to Your Kitchen Table: Order Online

There are numerous reasons to choose farm-to-table dining. Not only are the ingredients higher in quality, but they come from local sources. When you support farm-to-fork eateries, you support community farms and vendors.

Are you hungry? Are you looking for a farm-to-table eatery near me? We've got you covered.

Enjoy farm-fresh ingredients from the comfort of your home. Order from Buckingham Farm's restaurant online. Start your online order now.

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