The Many Benefits of Outdoor Weddings 

by TJ Cannamela

Wedding season in the U.S. spans the full length of the warmer seasons of the year. The genius of planning your wedding when the weather is nice is having a wider range of venue options.

Outdoor weddings are a treat for any bride looking for serenity after the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. Take a look at this overview of the many benefits of outdoor weddings.

More Space

Outdoor wedding venues have a major advantage when it comes to space for guests. If you're trying to narrow down your guest list but can't seem to get the numbers right, consider an outdoor wedding.

Guests have the option to mix and mingle without being confined by walls or furniture. This is a great way to get both sides of the family together during the reception before you party the night away.


Hosting a wedding reception under the stars is romantic. Look for venues that give you the option to stargaze with your spouse during dinner.

There are no wedding decorations that can rival the beauty of a clear night sky. Consider adding details about constellations and planets visible that night on each guest table.

There are also free apps available you can recommend to guests that allow them to spot different planets in the night sky. This makes your wedding reception more interactive offering conversation starters to guests. 

Fewer Decorations

Outdoor weddings need fewer decorations than indoor weddings. When you're surrounded by scenery that's already themed, you get a headstart on creating an unforgettable experience.

Choose a venue that gives you a backdrop that matches your ideal themed wedding. For example, if you're aiming for a forest theme, rustic venues offer aged wood and lush greens that match the great outdoors.

Chances are high that other brides have already used the venue for similar themes which means the onsite team has experience creating a beautiful setup for your wedding. Ask for photos of past weddings to get ideas on how to create a magical day.

If you're on a budget, you can borrow ideas from other weddings that can be recreated inexpensively. Keep an open mind about times of day until you've decided on a theme.

Less Formal

Outdoor weddings literally offer a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy nature sounds under a canopy of trees at an outdoor wedding venue. Give guests the freedom to dress more casually to match the tone of the environment.

There are some venues, like the beach, where guests expect to dress more informally because of the setting. But make sure the attire is spelled out in your wedding invitation so guests can be prepared for the environment.

Appropriate attire can make all the difference in guest comfort. Comfortable guests mean having more fun partying the night away during your reception. 


Considering a kid-free wedding environment? You won't need to if you choose an outdoor wedding. 

Informal outdoor ceremonies are great options for kids. Crying baby? Toddler with the wiggles? 

Neither child is an issue with an outdoor wedding venue. Give your tiny guests a place to roam during and after the ceremony.

It means less anxiety for parents who can easily walk away from the gathering without missing the entire event. Children can wander and play in the spaces surrounding your outdoor ceremony.

Add a few outdoor games for the reception to keep the little ones busy. A cornhole toss or bubble blowing station can make all the difference in keeping children happy while you transition from ceremony to reception. 

Craft stations are also a good option, but may not provide the amount of action some kids need after sitting through an entire wedding ceremony. 

Natural Lighting

Golden hour, or the last hour of sunlight of the day, creates stunning lighting for wedding photos. Take advantage of the warm color tones of the sun during your wedding photoshoot.

Natural lighting ebbs and flows throughout the day creating a wide range of theme options for your pictures. Consult with your photographer for more information on the look that makes sense for your backdrop and color scheme. 

There are options for amazing night photography with the right photographer. If you're getting married under the night sky, ask about ways to capture the horizon as a backdrop to your photos.

Make it Personal

Getting married outdoors is the perfect way for an active couple to highlight their interests. 

Big open spaces with hundreds of guests can easily lose their intimate touch. Make the environment work for you by adding your memories together into the setup and decor.

If you and your spouse met in a park, for instance, recreate your first date using an outdoor wedding venue. Be sure to add in activities that you both enjoy outside where space permits. 

Saving Money with Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings can save you lots of money on decor if you choose the right venue. The key is to pick a location based on the theme you want and use the natural backdrop to your advantage.

You'll reduce the need to bring in lots of extra props or drapery to create the look you want. Always include games and activities to help restless guests stay engaged in the ceremony. 

Kids are notorious for creating their own plans for fun when you have nothing available. Help out their parents but thinking ahead on how you want the ceremony to reception transition to flow.

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